The main activities of the company are :-

1- General Contracting :-
The company has all the engineering and technical capabilities, machines, financial and human resources to implement Contracting in infrastructure projects and any other construction projects including:
A- Power plants projects
We have a long history in the implementation of power projects, including power plants, substations and power transmission lines, as well as operation and maintenance of the stations.
Some of our power plants projects

B- water and sewage projects

We have the experience & possibilities for the design and implementation of water, sewage, and rainwater pipelines and drinking water station, sewage water treatment, and cooperate in the design and implementation of the stations with international companies; the company implemented many of these projects and is currently working on two major projects in the holy city of Karbala, Basra, and Diyala.
Some of the water and sewage projects
C- Roads and buildings :-
The company has implemented many of road roads buildings projects and currently has projects to development in some streets of Karbala and Basra, as well as carried out many of the buildings, clinics, schools, halls and also foundations and towers for Zain and Korek GSM.
Some of our projects

D- Oil & gas :-

We have the experience & possibilities for the design and implementation of oil & gas jobs such as strategic reservoirs, storage tanks, pipelines, and fuel filling stations signed several contracts with the Ministry of Oil companies.

Some of our projects in oil and gas

2- General Trading :-

We have a good experience in the field of trade and import and supply contracts the company has in its permanent representatives of China, Istanbul, Dubai and Amman in addition to that we are agents for many companies specialized discreet, especially in the field of electric power and construction materials Like Schneider, ABB, LS, and SIEMENS.

3- Joint venture contracts :-

The company has many joint venture contracts with some international and Iraqi partners especially in high tech fields like control and automation (Control, SCADA, and Automation) where it has contracts with University of Technology, the Emirate Company Lion of Babylon, the Turkish company Emisan, MSK group, and British company Prestige Global.

Equipment assets :-

Large fleet of equipment which can be readily mobilized. 

Equipment assets valued at USD 26 million.

The company owns equipment to cater to every terrain and every project need :

–Amphibian : including swamp excavators, swamp cranes

– Pipeline -29 spreads of equipment

– Side Booms 27, Bending Machines 3, Clamps 12

– Road : 3 sets of bituminous road equipment -5 sets of concrete paving equipment

–Young equipment fleet –minimum downtime

Single largest equipment lifted : 200 MT