General manager's word


Following the developments in science and engineering, it is the policy of our company to access the latest technologies in implementing the work assigned to it. We are also looking to gain access to be one of the leading companies in the field of work by planning to reach the following goals by:
    • Using its available resources and capabilities to achieve industrial progress and urbanization in the country according to international standard specifications approved by the company to provide best services to its customers.
    • Developing plans to regulate its work in accordance with the timetables to follow and secure the work progress in a steady pace.
    • Working with good reputation support companies for the exchange of experiences in the field of industrial and construction according to international standards and Iraqi regulations and signing of joint venture agreements to achieve high-quality output in the company.
    • Subscribing the company staff in specialized courses to develop their skills to be able to do their jobs with high efficiency.
    • Using of High tech, reliable machinery, and equipment, this reflects in the company outputs.
  • Choosing good reputation international companies for the import of materials and equipment involved in the company’s business when not available locally.

     Saleem K. Alsaadi
     Consultant Engineer